POSITION AVAILABLE:    Temporary Workers


RATE OF PAY:     $19.50/hour 

The ND Mill will be hiring Temporary Workers for 2024. An application can be picked-up at our office location in the east entryway, or you can apply online at the NDMILL.COM website. The rate of pay is $19.50/hr.



Plant Assignments


Temporary work status is defined as an employee who is hired for a pre-determined period of time, for example:  May 1st, to December 31st for a maximum of five (5) months.  In addition, plant needs or unexpected changes in work requirements may shorten or lengthen the actual period of time the temporary worker is needed.  The Temporary worker is expected to understand and accept these conditions of employment. 


The Temporary worker earns no benefits from employment on a temporary basis, however the Temporary worker is covered under State Worker’s Compensation benefits while on duty.


The following is a general list of the duties which a Temporary worker may be called upon to perform, but are meant only as examples.  Other duties may be assigned based on plant needs.

  • Sweeping floors in production areas
  • Assisting with light maintenance duties (changing filter cages)
  • Painting and preparing surfaces (this work may require working from ladders or scaffolds at heights up to 20 ft.)
  • Washing of designated areas
  • Shoveling of grain, flour, bran, sand, dirt, etc.


During the period of employment, the Temporary worker will be monitored on their work performance.  This evaluation will review the work habits, attendance, attitude, and overall work performance of the individual.  These evaluations will help determine suitability for a full time position if such positions are available.  The North Dakota Mill makes no guarantees expressed or implied as to the offering of full time employment to Temporary workers.