North Dakota Mill Paring Knife 4 pack

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A paring knife is every chef’s go-to tool for precision jobs in the kitchen, and our Classic North Dakota Mill Paring Knife is a knife drawer standout not only for its fresh color palette but also for its sharp edge and pointed tip. Expertly remove pepper seeds, swiftly core an apple, slice a pile of vegetables into sticks or finely dice them into perfect little squares – whatever job you give it, the smooth, uniform cuts of this Paring Knife will result in dishes that are as beautiful as they are nutritious.

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Weight .275 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 0.5 in


1 review for North Dakota Mill Paring Knife 4 pack

  1. Karin

    Best knife ever! I have at least 8 of them in my drawer

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