Dakota Maid Premium Bread Flour


  • Made from 100% Spring Wheat
  • A wide variety of uses including: bread, bagels, pretzels, dinner rolls and more
  • High protein 12.6%
  • Contains no bleach or bromate
  • Vitamin enrichment added
  • Ascorbic acid added to enhance bread quality
  • Available in 10 and 25 pound bags
  • Non-GMO
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North Dakota Mill Bread Flour is the ultimate choice for bread baking enthusiasts. Made from high protein wheat with a protein content of 12.6%, this flour is expertly milled to provide your bread with the perfect balance of strength and consistency. The low ash content of 0.48% guarantees that your bread will have unparalleled quality. Whether you're baking a classic loaf or experimenting with specialty breads, our premium blend of Dakota Maid Bread flour will always produce a top-notch finished product. Satisfy your bread cravings with North Dakota Mill Bread flour, and experience the ultimate in bread baking quality.

Lower ash content in flour is considered better for making bread because it indicates a higher level of purity in the flour, meaning there is more gluten-forming wheat protein. A higher protein content contributes to better dough structure, better oven spring and overall better bread texture, which is desirable in bread making.

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Dakota Maid Premium Bread Flour

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